Our animals

Our farm is based on respect for nature and animals.

Our farm is not specialized and intensive; We breed all the animals that, in a hypothetical journey through time, we would find in rural dwellings from the last centuries until the years ‘ 50. In our farm, you can stroll in the nature, in the company of our animals that move free in our land.

We remind our customers that the farm animals, should not be TOUCHED, requires maximum supervision by the parents.
The farm must be visited on request and with a farm operator, the animals are animals.

Fattoria Didattica Cannara in Umbria

Educational Farm

Our children, our future.
We invest in children: there is always to learn and much to teach.

The farm “COLLE SAN NICOLA”, in Cannara, in Umbria, is an educational farm that carries out didactic activities and is regularly registered in the regional register of the Umbria educational farms at Nr. 10: It has qualified personnel equipped with certificate of suitability of didactic farm operator, enrolled in the Nr. 49/2010 of the appropriate bulletin board.

We work with preschools, primary and secondary schools and with organized groups outside school contexts: Minimum required number 15 participants.

The Educational Farm “COLLE SAN NICOLA” offers educational courses for children and adults, with objectives to be agreed.

Educational days with children, presenting a lifestyle that is disappearing and proposing entertaining experiences that show how a change is possible.