Angelucci Cannara brothers’ farm


Azienda agricola fratelli Angelucci Cannara

Our grandparents, Cruciano and Petronilla, have formed a very large family, surrounded by 13 children.

They have raised them with the knowledge that in order to achieve any result, work, sacrifice and perseverance are needed.

Grandfather Cruciano, who used the proverbial saying “the stuff is in the arms, whoever wants it has to realize it” was a model for us to imitate.

Grandmother Petronilla, a woman of strong character, anticipated the times in the path of emancipation of the woman.

That family more than patriarchal was first matriarchal.

With Leonardo, Petronilla and Roberta, the Angelucci family reaches its 5th generation.


Azienda agricola fratelli Angelucci Cannara

The company F. Lli Angelucci S.r.l. is the result of a ten-year project of requalification of agricultural activity and livestock.

First of all it is based on respect for nature and on the observance of the standards of welfare of the animals, where the activities of didactic type and restaurant complete our offer.

The farm, completely organic, covers about 42 hectares of hilly terrain, entirely fenced.

They include an olive grove, a forest with the prevalence of Holm-oaks and walnuts, ideal habitat for the center for the repopulation of wild hares, arable land and a small lake where you can relax and fish.

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